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Catya Maré: Music Samples

Multiple award winning Celtic new age / classical crossover / instrumental songs

Light Longing (album: DESTINATION LOVE)


It Came True (album: LIGHT LONGING)

Memories (album: DESTINATION LOVE)

Sunny Time (album: DESTINATION LOVE)


Leaving (album: DESTINATION LOVE)

Destination Love, album preview 1

Destination Love, album preview 2

"JOY" nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Award 2013!

Just For A Walk (album: LIGHT LONGING)

New Sunshine (album: LIGHT LONGING)

Down (album: LIGHT LONGING)

Fairytale (album: LIGHT LONGING)

Moon Lake (album: LIGHT LONGING)

Clouds (album: Remembering The Day)

When Meeting My Angel (album: Remembering The Day)

Keep Going (album: Remembering The Day)

Ethereal Loneliness (album: Remembering The Day)

Remembering The Day (album: Remembering The Day)

Spring (album: Remembering The Day)

Flirtingly humorous & slightly wacky electronica / pop songs

Catya featured on 88.7WOBO